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Brookville Tailwater Fishing Report 2.3.17

Brookville Tailwater Fishing Report 2.3.17

Brookville Tailwater has been fishing good during the winter season. Flows have been varying, but in most cases, the river has been consistent in flows and bite. Not to far in the near future, the flows will increase due to spring rains and pool levels of the lake. This is a great time of the year to get you nymphing skills polished and tweaked for the upcoming season.

Great patterns to use on the river right now are pheasant tails, hares ears, princes, san juan, mysis shrimp, caddis pupa, and anything that has red in it (Copper john with a  little red wire). The river is producing some nice fish with patience and anglers are reporting back that the bite is consistent for most of the day as long as the sun stays behind the clouds. When the sun comes up, dry a wet fly swing with some neutral color soft hackles.

If you are a streamer angler, test a couple new patterns. With the varying flows you will have some high, mid, and low water to test out some new flies. Olive, white, and black are definite go to colors. Size dependent on levels.

As noted in other reports, our staff at the fly shop will be attending the Cincy BUFF Fly Show on Saturday. Stop by the booth and come say hi! If you are planning to hit the river this weekend. Sat or Sunday should be good. It is low and clear right now, so be cautious and more stealthy on your presentations and rigging style!

Good Luck


Brookville Tailwater Fly Fishing Report 2.18.16

Winter Tailwater Fishing! Get ready for 60 degrees this week!
Brookville Tailwater is holding a great flow right now. The colder weather produced softer and slower bits in the past week or so, but the future is looking very bright. 60 degrees on Saturday and a Sunday will bring a little rain to the river. Nymping on the more moderate and lower flows has been the go to, while streamer fishing in the slightly higher flow has produced some great trout for myself and the guys at the fly shop.

Make sure your nymph box has some san juan, prince, and of course the usual suspects (hares ear, pheasant tail). I would also throw an egg or two as there are other species in the tailwater that will initiate their spawn in the coming weeks. If the water is low, make sure to switch from a thingama-slapper bobber to a more realistic soft indicator like a larger dry fly for a better presentation. Make sure to bring your midge patterns for the late morning hatch. I do not know if the BWO will be out quite yet, but I would always have an emerged or dry for this. I like these two flies in size 18,20, and 22.

Streamer fishing, I would focus on the white and olive sculpin or baitfish patterns. My favorite size is a 2-3 inch fly either stripped through a seam or a nice soft swing through a downstream hold.

Keep on the watch for water flows depending on the snow melt and the potential rain. You can always call the fly shop at 937-434-8472 and we can help project your forecast for you.

Good luck. Cheers!


Sage ONE Trout Spey Gear Review

The New Toy: Meat Slapper

Sage ONE Trout Spey Rod

Taking a peak at the New 2016 Sage lineup during an early spring visit from my Farbank rep, there was one item that garnered my full attention. As an owner of several Sage ONE single handed-rods, which fit my casting and fishing style perfectly, the thought of a Sage ONE 3wt 11’0” two-hander haunted me until it was in my hands all rigged up and ready to fish. My home waters in the Midwest are small to medium rivers with slow flows, deep undercuts, fallen trees, and sparkling clear water down to 4ft. Depending on the season, we chase everything from smallmouth and largemouth bass, to spring creek browns, carp, and of course steelhead on the Lake Erie tributaries. These small to medium rivers have slow flows creating a perfect scenario for shorter two-handed rods and swinging streamers through deep pools.

My goal was to find a two-handed rod with a faster, responsive action that could throw a lighter style Skagit shooting head, spey versileader, and a monster fly for targeting big browns and bass that eat MEAT. From deer hair bugs to articulated streamers, I was demanding a very versatile fly rod out of a mere 3wt.

Setup: a RIO Skagit Trout Max 250grain, 25lb RIO Grip Shooter running line and RIO 10ft Light Scandi Spey Versileader/5ips sink rate. Goal: a larger fly to slap water near the bank and swing/strip through the bottom like a smaller sculpin, leech, or baitfish (Meat Slapper)

A couple weeks ago, I finally had the opportunity to get the outfit wet!

One word… Effortless. The rod did most of the work all day long. As my co-angler was fishing a 7wt single handed rod, false casting 1-2 times before each presentation, I was able to Z-cast, double spey, and single spey to present a 4 inch articulated fly in 1 fluid cast. Excelling in making tight accurate casts, this ONE made me a better two-handed caster on a smaller river through its responsive and accurate graphite components. Not only can you feel the rod load under the Skagit head, but you feel the deep reserve power in the cork that makes you feel you can push the rod harder. Keep in mind, my goal was not 60+ feet casts, but deadly accurate 30-50ft casts in lower canopies, log jams, and undercut banks situations. I would highly suggest this particular fly rod for an angler who also has rotator cuff or has difficulty throwing a heavy streamer rod and sinking fly line all day long.


Rigging the outfit with the RIO Gripshooter was a must! Not only can you shoot this smaller Skagit head a country mile, but the handling section allowed me to use a critical jerk/strip method to entice these predators. I just can’t wait for the spring and summer bass season when I can get out on the larger waters 60-80ft with a deer fly in the aquatic grass! As a loyal Sage fly bum, I think they hit the ball out of the park on this particular fly rod and especially the design of the Skagit Max Trout Line. Maybe I can convince RIO engineers to design a extra light MOW tip kit!!!!


I hope you will enjoy this on your local streams, as I will continue to do in the 2016 season.


Matt Parker, General Manager

www.ReelFlyRod.com     Sage ONE Trout Spey available at ReelFlyRod.com

SAGE ONE TROUT SPEY 3wt 11’0″ on River from Matt Parker on Vimeo.

Brookville Tailwater Fishing Report 12.30.15

Brookville Tailwater Fishing Report, Dec 30th, 2015

Happy Holidays, I hope you have all had a great Christmas or Holiday season. The Midwest finally received the best shot of rain in a very long time. Rivers and the lakes are up and pumping right now. Brookville Lake is receiving the water from all the streams to the lake and the tailwater conditions are going to be tough for a while. Really not worth the time. If I was itching to go fishing, look for the Mad River this weekend, or go up steelhead fishing either in northeast Ohio or PA. The steelhead fishing should go bananas this weekend as this is the first really true shot of flood rain to get a strong push of fish. Good Luck on the stream. I will post later once the Tailwater comes back down to fishable levels.




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