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Mad River Fly Fishing Report 6.9.17

Mad River Fly Fishing Report 6.9.17

As noted in our smallmouth report, the fish are biting and the rivers are in great shape. The Mad River however has been such a gem to fish lately. The bug activity this time of year is awesome. Good hatches both in the morning, afternoon, and evening really gets the fish motivated to eat.

All techniques are good strategies to land a few fish. Small streamer fishing and nymphing in the early morning, switching to soft hackles and then the evening dry fly hatch. Personally, the evening dry fly hatch is what makes me love the late May, early June time frame.

The morning time will have a rise of BWO and midges. I love to throw a size 20 BWO dun with a copper brassie dropper. Sometimes you can get a nicer fish on this setup. Once the sun goes overhead, the caddis flies come out and the infamous soft hackle swing is stellar. I love a green body with a partridge collar. I will have tandem rigs and swing the fly in riffles, tailouts, and longer runs. Don’t forget that grasshoppers and my favorite, beetles, are exclusive patterns during the afternoon especially on windy days.

Then if you are on the water all day, the evening hatch begins around the 7 time frame. From Sulphurs and Cahills to the sporadic drake hatch in the very late evening, near dark. I would make sure to have size 16 in the sulphur and cahill dries, which include parachutes, comparaduns, spinners, and cripples. As for the drakes, we have been throwing some very large flies right at dark, landing some very nice fish! Some flies haven’t even been drake patterns!

We have all the flies in shop that you will need to get your Mad River fix. Enjoy the weekend. Good Luck,


Mad River Fishing Report 3.14.17

Mad River Fishing Report 3.14.17

The season is upon us!!

The Hendrickson Hatch is heating up. Finally!  The early BWO in size 18 and 20, and Size 22-24 midges in the morning, followed by the onset of the coolest hatch on the MAD, the Hendrickson around 2 and later. What can be better than this!! Maybe the sulphur hatch in the coming weeks….

If you do not have the hendrickson cripples, duns, comparduns, or the spinners, no fret, we have all these in the fly shop, or you can do some wet fly swinging with your nymphs. The Hatch is really starting in the late afternoon and trout are keying in on the initial hatch/emergence of the bugs and then waiting till later in the evening for the spinner fall.

Due to the rain, the streamer fishing has been very good. The clarity now is much clearer than earlier this week, so I would key in on the mornings and the evenings.

The weekend should be absolutely perfect, sunny skies, warmer weather, and a beautiful hendrickson hatch. Clean off the fly line, get the boots and wader out of the box, and get out. Enjoy the weekend. Hope to see you on the water!!

Good Luck!


Mad River Fishing Report 3.31.17

Mad River Fishing Report

Good Friday to all. The rains have swallowed us these past couple of days, but the water weather has raised water temperatures into prime. From Steelhead, brown trout, to bass fishing, it seems all the fish are getting a early start for the season! Not many local streams are fishing this weekend, but the Mad River should be in great shape.

On the rise slowly, the Mad River should have a good tint and good opportunity to hook a spooky brown! Streamers, nymphing, and from a local source some tiny mayflies have been on the hatch. The water temps checked a couple days ago were in the low 50’s… were are close!!!

Streamers, try to throw the kitchen sink. Black, olive, and white should be the hot ticket. Articulated, non-articulated, I think a good intermediate or slightly fast sinking line is all you need. Maybe throw in a conehead twin tail madonna. (Never heard of it, use yellow, a great fly for trout all around).

Nymphing should great as well. The browns should be a little more active with the warmer weather. Moving out of the holes and into the tailouts and runs. Make sure to check the head of the riffle. The mayflies hatches will be coming soon and this is the time of year that I love to fish a rusty brown nymph. or a FLYMPH!!

Dry Fly: very, very soon!!

Enjoy the weekend. You may catch the team on the Mad as the steelhead rivers are flooded and will not be down till maybe Sunday on the smaller tribs. Good Luck!


Mad River Fishing Report 3.24.17

Mad River Fishing Report for March 24th 2017

This weekend is really going to start the spring season. 70 degrees today!! The weather looks very consistent with temperatures in the 60 degree range and a little rain for the next couple of days. This should be absolutely perfect to raise the water temperature enough to get the first season hatches going.

Tiny blue winged olives, midges, and sooner than later the hendrickson may pop! I usually look for hendricksons around the mid to late April, but it is always consistent with the water temperature. The water temperature is around the 46 degree range and needs to warm a few degrees to get one of the best hatches on the Mad started. The crew at the fly shop have been tying on Wed casually and working on the dry’s for the season. If you are interested, give the fly shop at call on Wed and bring the gear! 937-434-8472.

With the onset of spring, nymphing and wet fly fishing will be great until these bugs rise. Rusty brown, black, and olive patterns are going to work best. Size 12-18. If the water is very clear, go down to a 16 and 20 and if the water is up or fishing a deep hole, make sure to rig a size 10-12 nymph, GET THERE ATTENTION! For wet flies, a olive or brown bushy thorax with a partridge hackle will be perfect. Even a little green in the thorax will work perfect.

Earlier in the week was great for streamer fishing as the water was up. Since the levels have gone back down, look for the next rain episode to give you that spring shot for a large brown. Olive, white, and black have all been consistent colors with a  wide range of patterns being used from our crew at the shop and friends.

I would recommend getting gear up tonight and getting on the closest river to  you. If you are in the hunt for brown fishing, it should be a great weekend. Enjoy



Mad River Fly Fishing Report 3.17.17 St. Patrick’s Day!

Mad River Fly Fishing Report 3.17.17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

As I am typing this, I definitely have a Irish stout for the ol’ Saint of Ireland! Enjoy and have a safe weekend. Take a taxi!

If you are thinking of breaking away from the daily beat, the Mad River should be your refuge. Smallmouth has not been bad, but the trout fishing has been good.The flow of the Mad River is great, clear, but has a little more water since the snow and melt. Urbana is pushing around 250cfs. The staff and I have been itching to get to the dry fly season. The tiny black stones with an Adams can still pick off a few fish, and you may see a couple tiny blue winged olives, but nothing to write home about.

Side Note: The staff and I are having casual fly tying on Wed. Just give us a call at the fly shop at 937-434-8472 on Wed to see if we are tying each week.   A couple friends of the shop have been coming out each week and it has been very refreshing!

The dry fly season is still about 2-3 weeks away unless the weather changes for warmer conditions. Nymphing, wet fly swinging on the warmer days, and streamer fishing is still the go to. Olive, white, and black.  I have seen some nice fish coming from the southern section with larger streamers, but nymphing has been the go to. I have been starting to tie up some Henny nymphs that have a little black, brown, and rust color in the body and these have been very successful.

I think we have made it through the winter and each passing day the temps should get warmer and get the fish moving. Make sure not only to hit the pools, but the runs will be most beneficial during the warmer spells in the coming weeks. This is when I usually turn to wet fly fishing. Tie a soft hackle in any color usually does the trick. I love a green, orange, or brown thorax/body color.  2 rigged rods (Nymph/Wet Fly and Streamer) will work best during these conditions.

Give us a shout at the fly shop for up to date information. The staff and I have been starting to guide for the 2017 and lately the fishing has been fun! Enjoy your weekend.


Good Luck





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