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Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 3.14.17

Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 3.14.17

What a great weekend we have coming. I hope you are able to get out fishing and have some relaxing time with the family for Easter.

I cannot decide which is better right now, the great smallmouth bite, or the hendrickson hatch on the Mad River? Very tough for me, maybe easier for others. But either way the fishing around the local area is heating up. We should actually should have some initial reports about the White Bass run very shortly. Some anglers are starting to hook a few in the lake.

The local smallmouth is hot. Not in numbers, but great in size. Most of the larger fish are feeding up on baitfish to get ready for the spawn. The team and I are throwing larger flies with full sinking lines and have great success. Olive, white, tan, black, and chartreuse. The full sinking lines are really helping the strong bite as the bass are still near the bottom and not chasing around on top. Most of the rivers including the lower Mad River, Great Miami, Little Miami, Twin Creek, and the Stillwater should be prime this weekend. Each river will have a little different clarity condition and I would match specific colors to clarity; white, black, olive for (clearer or sub-prime conditions) and chartreuse, yellow, black, and red for (dirtier conditions).

If you do not have the time to hit the river, largemouth are creeping up into the shallows to get the nest going. Due to the warmer weather, we may see the spawn happen a little earlier in the lakes and ponds than the rivers. The team and I have hit a couple local ponds after works. Leech patterns and heavier weighted flies are exciting the pre-spawn largemouth near shore.

Good luck and I hope all have a great Easter. If you are near the shop, stop by we will be open 12-5 on Sat.


Shout Out to my bud Jay! What a gorgeous Great Miami Smallmouth!

Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 3.31.17

Ohio Smallmouth Fly Fishing Report

Swollen rivers, boo. The recent rains have raised all the local rivers here in southwestern Ohio. However, if you have your spin gear, this may be a good time to get out on the water with some red and chartreuse crank baits and find new holes. Not in to conventional fishing, I would make sure you fly is big, makes sounds, and pushes water. You will definitely need to get the fish’s attention this weekend.

The smaller creeks and streams should be just fine. Most of these were coming down today. Upper Twin Creek, or tributaries off the Little Miami and Great Miami Rivers. With the pre spawn happening now, this smaller tribs can be a killer way to catch smallies.

We should have a better gauge for the next couple of weeks in the next few days. If you are out and about, Good Luck. My thought… try a local pond, they are on fire right now and do not fluctuate too much with the recent rains.


Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 3.17.17 St. Patrick’s Day

Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 3.17.17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. As fly fisherman, sometimes a cocktail refreshes the day. Enjoy and have a safe weekend.

The crew and I have been trying to the dragon as much as we can. This is one of our favorite, but frustrating fishing times of the year for smallmouth. Maybe you catch a hog, or nothing at all, seems like nothing in-between!.

The name of the game has been to fish the lower third of the water column, the deeper the better. We have been throwing triple density lines, Type VI sink, and fast sinking tips on single and double handed rods. Flies have been larger than usual as we are trying to get an aggressive early bite. White has been a top producer, but black is second best.

Most of the rivers around the southwestern, Ohio region have bene in and around the 50 degree mark or warmer. On warmer days when the water temps get a bump, the fishing has been very productive. In the past week, the fishing has been terrible. The snow and freezing temps do us no good.

The week ahead looks promising, 40-50 degree weather. If you are itching to get on the water, I would look at Sunday thru Wed as good productive days on the water. Make sure to move from spot to spot and find the fish, do no waste you time trying to plug away on each hole. The team and I will have more for you in the coming weeks as the bass fishing will definitely pick up.

Good Luck!


Smallmouth Fishing Report 2.3.17

Smallmouth Fishing Report 2.3.17

Our warmwater river remain cold, but a couple of the staff members and friends are starting to test drive the local area. The bite is definitely slow, both on the technique and the fish’s lips! There are going to be some breaks in warmer temperatures in the coming week. I can say that we are going to get a line wet, probably Tues or Wed.

Otherwise, with the 6 weeks more of winter from the whistle pig, spring is right around the corner. Get those bass flies tied!



Smallmouth Fishing Report 1.13.17

Smallmouth Fishing Report for Jan 13. 2017

Happy New Year. I truly hope that you had a great holiday and was able to spend time with family or on the rivers with a rod in hand. Cold fronts are still terrorizing our midwestern states and the smallmouth fishing has turned bad to worse. However, in recent weeks, when we have a high pressure system with warmer weather for a couple days, the smallmouth fishing has been ultra hot! Not for the seasonal angler looking to just catch fish. This is the time of year that 1 fish may take a couple outings, but it may be one to note for 2017.

I just had a good mate pull through the fly shop this past week, Mike Shultz of Shultz Outfitters. He gave a wonderful and insightful presentation to one of our local fly fishing clubs. I hope that this has sparked a couple local guys in the club to get out and wet a line for some bass.

The weather this weekend looks terrible, cold and icy. The rivers are swollen, but the colder water temperatures will make it almost impossible to get a bass. Truly the season is coming, about a month or so away. I am personally looking for weather in the 40 degrees and slight bumps in higher water temperature. In the meantime, tie up some flies and stop by the shop to look at the new flies we have for the 2017 season. http://www.reelflyrod.com/FLIES-FLIES-FLIES_c209.htm

Enjoy your weekend and if you are itching to get out, hit the Mad River for some trout. With the recent rains, the waters should have a nice bump to get the browns moving. The Steelhead up north is blown, but once the waters come down, you find anglers on fire with some winter chromes!

-Good Luck


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