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Ohio Steelhead Fishing Report 11.20.15

Looking to get out this weekend? The weather is taking a dip in temperature, but the steelhead fishing continues. With little rain, the water flows are low and clear. This has not stopped anglers getting a hookup or two. The PA streams will definitely have more fish per area than Ohio, but Ohio may have more water in the streams. Looks for areas with deeper holes or slightly deeper holding areas in runs and riffles. Many anglers have seen some fish on the gravel in the early morning, but once the sun comes up, the fish tend to move to deeper water.

If you are getting out on the Ohio tribs this weekend, keep in mind you might not be the only one on the stream. Maybe not shoulder to shoulder, but it may be crowded. I would definitely have some smaller egg patterns or patterns like the chicken hawk or white woolly buggers to fool the trout. Longer leaders in the 3X-4X strength should work absolutely perfectly. I know the boys over Steelhead Alley Outfitters are posting new reports daily on their facebook page. Click the link to check it.

My checklist for the weekend:

  • A couple beers
  • Chartreuse Egg patterns, a couple chick hawks, and some nuclear eggs.
  • A good cigar

Good Luck on the stream!



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