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Mad River Fishing Report 6.16.17

Mad River Fishing Report 6.16.17

Swollen by the rains, Dayton is under siege!!! But the weather missed the trout section. The flows received a small bump this week and should set the weekend for some great fishing.

  • Note: You can always look at the water flows in the top right hand corner of the website. It will show you flows for all our rivers that I and the team fish.

As with the beginning of the hot weather, the canoe livery’s are in full force. I would let this not frustrate you, go above the put in or go below the take out. This usually means the middle section between Lippincott and 36/55 can be very busy after 10:00 am.

Terrestrials are just starting, but if you are looking for some mid-day dry fly action, throw on a Caddis. X-caddis, goddard, or a Elk Caddis will do perfect. Keep it riding high and make sure hit underneath lower hanging limbs and branches. I also love to throw a small sz16 Black Beetle!!

Anglers are still having success later in the evening with some Cahill and sporadic Sulphurs still coming up. I would note to be in position around 6 or 7 and the hatch should pick up. I would have a couple different patters. A couple cripple, comparaduns, and some parachutes. 16 and 18 should work fine.

We have these patterns in the fly shop. We are open 12-5 on Saturday or M-F 9-6. As always, thanks for the local support. www.reelflyrod.com

However, I think the best tactic for all day fishing is going to be the wet-fly swing. If you are not familiar how to rig wet fly rigs, download or by the Wet-Flies: Tying and Fishing Soft-Hackles by Dave Hughes. A great read and really details how to make this technique the best in the ol’ tool box!

Enjoy the Father’s Day weekend. Good luck



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