Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 5.7.13

Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report

Our apologies if you have been on the site this past weekend, we had a little glitch in the code and was doing some weird stuff. Thanks to Belgium, we resolved the situation and everything should be find. Thanks Buddy!

As for the report, the smallmouth are prepping for the spawn season. This past weekend and a short trip out tonight, I hooked up on smallies all over the Dayton region. I started on the Stillwater near Englewood this weekend and proceeded North until the rain and wind made me pack up and go home. The fly of the day was a Clouser yellow (chartreuse yellow)/white pattern sizes 2, 1/0 and 2/0. Big flies for water that was a little off color. The fish were really active in the seams, side eddies, and along rocky shorelines. I was using a jerk-strip technique with the rod tip, kinda like you are jigging, to bring the smallmouth up from the depths.

Stillwater River Spring Smallmouth

Tonight, I hit a little stretch of the Little Miami River and again tossed different versions of the Clouser Fly, which included yellow/white and chartreuse/white. The patterns were very effective on my trip and again, I fished seams next to fast water, eddies, and debris/rocky shorelines. I did manage to pick off a beautiful smallmouth that absolutely crushed the bait pattern.

Little Miami Smallmouth


Little Miami River Big Ol' Bronzeback


Look for the rivers to keep on fire for smallmouth for the next couple of weeks. However, sooner than later the fish are going to come off the bite and go right into spawn mode, where it is a little more difficult to hook up. I usually turn back to trout fishing during this time to keep the bite on!

Good Luck and hope to see you on the river!


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