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Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 6.9.17

The Early June Smallmouth Fishing Report

The summer is here. The longer days of June are catalyst of awesome bass fishing on our local rivers; The Stillwater, Great Miami, Little Miami, Twin Creek, and Lower Mad River. Water levels are holding steady with slight drops in CFS with clarity increasing each day.

For several weeks, the staff of the fly shop and I have been guiding a ton in the morning and fishing in the later evening. From bottom bouncing crawfish to stripping surface flies, I could consistently say that the smallmouth bite is good all day long. The technique used and the depth of the fly is of crucial importance and key to success.

The early mornings are the time to fish crawfish patterns. Patterns must have rabbit! Black, Brown, Orange, and White are producing nice fish with black and orange being the best colors. We are fishing the structure and vegetation lines very heavily as the bass are waiting for an ambush baitfish along the edge.

As the sun rises overhead, the fish have been moving to the deeper slots, edges, and holes. However, the smallmouth metabolism is increasing due to the raise in water temps as the sun heats the water. We have been switching to clousers and other baitfish imitations with weight to keep the fly in the first half of the water column.

As the sun begins to lower, this has been the best bite. Large surface flies that move water and create water disruption have been terrorizing smallies. Edges, vegetation lines, rocks, and logs are all producing. Find the structure, find the fish.

We have plenty of flies for each of these times. Stop by the fly shop or give us a shout. I hope you have a great weekend. Good Luck.


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