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Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 9.8.17

Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 9.8.17 for Southwestern Ohio Rivers

The time of the late summer hoppers, poppers, and surface action is here and going strong. Many anglers including myself are having great time in the early to late evenings around the local area. Fortunately, the rains have held off these past couple of days and the rivers are in great shape.

The Great Miami river is in the best shape it has been in a while. This is your time to get on this river and hook fish you may not see for a while. Many clients ask how to navigate the Great Miami and with the lower water, it is much easier to spot. First I usually find a nice gravel bar with vegetation and structure. Second find the riffle and work your way down the run. In most if not all cases, you will land a couple fish. Flies in the olive, white, and black have been doing great. Poppers are working terrific in the later evening especially if you have vegetation. Floating lines are the way to go. Keep the intermediate and sinking lines in storage for a couple more weeks.

The Stillwater is also in terrific shape all the way to Covington and south. Taking a canoe or kayak through these stretches may allow for 20+ fish a day. There is a great livery in West Milton that is still doing trips down to the dam. Same fly colors as the Great Miami, but since it is a little shallower, using surface or flies right underneath the surface are knocking them dead! Make sure to find a spot near a riffle where the water is more oxygenated.

The Lower Mad River is ultra clear and is best during the morning and evening. All white patterns along with some olive patterns are the best. Make sure to find the structure, the bass will tend to congregate around this, or in the deeper middle of the river. If you get in a pinch, get a crawfish pattern right on the bottom.

Last the Little Miami has finally been fishing good. Our team members have been fishing this on a regular basis and the water clarity is great, temp great, and low enough to concentrate the fish in certain places. AND the rubber/aluminum hatch is pretty much over with now.

If you haven’t been on the water lately, get out we may not get too many chances in the coming week if the hurricane moves North. Good Luck on the water. Need some flies, stop by the shop and always thank you for the business.



Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 6.16.17

Smallmouth Fishing Report for June 16, 2017.

The earlier rains of the week have swollen many of our smallmouth rivers. However, the good news is that a couple rivers and creeks are falling in shape north of Dayton. The Stillwater, Little Miami, and Mad River should be in a halfway decent shape by late Saturday afternoon. For the southern anglers, the waters may be a bit too high and may need to drive more north. This may be a great weekend to explore main tributaries off these major rivers and fish around the mouths!

Lately the bite has been really good in the morning/early afternoon, and especially well at dusk. My team and I are mostly fishing crawfish, leeches, or anything with weight along the bottom in the morning/afternoon. The evening time has been excellent for surface/subsurface flies.

  • Crawfish Patterns: Meat Whistle, Bunny Busters, Whitlock craw, Schultzy Craw, or anything with rabbit hare and lead/ tungsten head
  • Top water: Zoo cougars, deer hair poppers, gurglers, and other frog patterns.

Structure is always the key and I would devote more time around vegetation in the evening time as the baitfish find cover. The bass will hold extremely tight to the bank with the correct amount of depth (3-4ft) and cover. We have also been fairly consistent along seams of riffles for smaller bass.

The upcoming week looks great. As the air/water temp increases, the bass bite will only continue to get better!

Good Luck this weekend!



Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 3.14.17

Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 3.14.17

What a great weekend we have coming. I hope you are able to get out fishing and have some relaxing time with the family for Easter.

I cannot decide which is better right now, the great smallmouth bite, or the hendrickson hatch on the Mad River? Very tough for me, maybe easier for others. But either way the fishing around the local area is heating up. We should actually should have some initial reports about the White Bass run very shortly. Some anglers are starting to hook a few in the lake.

The local smallmouth is hot. Not in numbers, but great in size. Most of the larger fish are feeding up on baitfish to get ready for the spawn. The team and I are throwing larger flies with full sinking lines and have great success. Olive, white, tan, black, and chartreuse. The full sinking lines are really helping the strong bite as the bass are still near the bottom and not chasing around on top. Most of the rivers including the lower Mad River, Great Miami, Little Miami, Twin Creek, and the Stillwater should be prime this weekend. Each river will have a little different clarity condition and I would match specific colors to clarity; white, black, olive for (clearer or sub-prime conditions) and chartreuse, yellow, black, and red for (dirtier conditions).

If you do not have the time to hit the river, largemouth are creeping up into the shallows to get the nest going. Due to the warmer weather, we may see the spawn happen a little earlier in the lakes and ponds than the rivers. The team and I have hit a couple local ponds after works. Leech patterns and heavier weighted flies are exciting the pre-spawn largemouth near shore.

Good luck and I hope all have a great Easter. If you are near the shop, stop by we will be open 12-5 on Sat.


Shout Out to my bud Jay! What a gorgeous Great Miami Smallmouth!

Ohio Smallmouth Fishing Report 3.31.17

Ohio Smallmouth Fly Fishing Report

Swollen rivers, boo. The recent rains have raised all the local rivers here in southwestern Ohio. However, if you have your spin gear, this may be a good time to get out on the water with some red and chartreuse crank baits and find new holes. Not in to conventional fishing, I would make sure you fly is big, makes sounds, and pushes water. You will definitely need to get the fish’s attention this weekend.

The smaller creeks and streams should be just fine. Most of these were coming down today. Upper Twin Creek, or tributaries off the Little Miami and Great Miami Rivers. With the pre spawn happening now, this smaller tribs can be a killer way to catch smallies.

We should have a better gauge for the next couple of weeks in the next few days. If you are out and about, Good Luck. My thought… try a local pond, they are on fire right now and do not fluctuate too much with the recent rains.


Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report 4.29.16

Morels on the forest floor!

Ohio Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report 4.29.16

The weather is finally here. Temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s have the waters warming up and the bass’s metabolism has been steadily increasing. From the north along Lake Erie to the southern tip of where we are at around Dayton/Cincinnati, the boys at the fly shop and some of our friends have been having great success.

The White Bass run is officially on and doing quite well. Look for the recent rains to drive more bass into the tributaries. These fish have been keying in on minnow or stonefly imitations. This run only happens in the spring time and can be a fun and exciting day to catch a handful of fish. IMG_2036

Smallmouth as noted have been going strong since late March. The warmer temperatures have warmed the Little Miami, Great Miami, Lower Mad River, and the Stillwater for some amazing bass fishing. The smallies have been keying in on subsurface presentations like clousers, meat whistles, deceivers, and other under water bass patterns. The fly shop is fully stocked with these sub-surface flies. Personally, crawfish patterns are deadly as well if you are targeting the deeper holes where the fish are fattening up. What the forecast, this coming week looks like the rains should diminish and the temperature to rise. I would try to get a couple fish to the net before the onset of the spawn.

If you are on the lake side near Erie, this is one of the best times of the year for a fly angler to target very large bronzebacks. Steelhead alley this time of year can be absolutely awesome from feeling the tug of a drop back chrome or fighting a small football. Same holds true for flies, the deeper, heavier flies will be perfect!

I hope to see you on the water! Good Luck





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