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Mad River Fishing Report 1.11.18

Mad River Fishing Report 1/11/18

Did you find this in your spam? Maybe… it has been a long time ­čÖü

I am back baby with an itch to get a fish on the line! Or if the weather freezes over, get back to tying!

The weekend is actually looking good for streamer fishing. It has been a long time since the Mad has changed, but the 50 degree weather today and the onset of the storm tomorrow will change many things. Certainly it will get cold over the weekend, but I think the warm 2-day spell may have kept the water better for a bite.

Olive, black, and white may all work. You will have to work your way from the south to the north in case the water is blown farther south. You better check you gear over and grab that fast sinker. Just like our feelin’ good attitude with the warmer weather, the browns are the same, but they have been near the deeper, slightly warmer water on the bottom.

Good Luck on the water and Happy New Year to all of you. I would love to Thank You for all the support through the shop. Enjoy!



Mad River Fishing Report 10.6.17

Brown Trout Fishing Fishn’

The Mad River has been in need of some water. When the St. Paris pike gage is below 300cfs, it is getting a little low. The recent rain today did not do really anything at all. This is good and bad in my eyes. First the fish will hold tighter to the structure, but will congregate in more pronounced holes. I would get out those longer leaders for nymphing or swing flies. 12ft and not a bit shorter. This will definitely help.

With the wet-fly swing, the caddis larva is still the main staple. I fish a couple different versions, but they all have a little chartreuse or bright green along the body behind a partridge collar. There is still a ton of bug activity so you may not need to dredge the bottom, but keep the nymph rig lightweight with a smaller indictor. Wet-Fly, use a tandem!

If you are upstream like a gentleman, keep it up and tie different versions of the caddis. I love to get into a variety of sedge dries in brown or black. We just brought in a ton of caddis patterns to the fly shop. Stop by and check them out. I do want to make aware that the shop has new Saturday hours from 9-2. Want to make sure you can get your stuff and still go fish.

If you are a streamer guy, hold onto your horses as the time is coming. We definitely need more water, but smaller versions of your favorite streamer have been taking a couple fish in the early mornings and late evenings from a couple local anglers.

Enjoy the weekend and good luck!


Mad River Fishing Report 9.8.17

Mad River Fishing Report 9.8.17

The cooler season is upon us. I am hearing reports of salmon in MI, the beaches of Erie are seeing steelhead, and our local brown trout fishing has been great. We have been very fortunate in the Midwest lately with the weather and water flows compared to our friends in the south. My family in Delray Beach is in the process right now of boarding the house up and prepping for the worse.

The team and I along with some locals agree that the Mad River is fishing good to better on most days. The early mornings and late afternoons are best with many different bugs rising to the surface. Caddis imitations is the key from nymphing, wet-fly, to the top. Make sure to remove those weights and get those flies in the mid column! Sedge imitations to wet-fly tied with a green body are all working. Stop by the shop, we have over 20 different patterns for just caddis!

On a side note

There was a great piece in the new Fly Fisherman talking about keeping it low and slow. If you are not able to read this article, it summarizes that weight should be tied in your flies or applied to the end of the leader. Quit placing the weight above your first fly, it may be killing your strike detections.

Lance Egan describes a leader that is built with a tippet ring, indicator, and flies tied to tags end of the leader with the weight at the end. The leader is 10-12ft in length. Many tailwater fisherman have been doing this for years as you need to get down fast without getting effected by surface and mid column current speeds.  Sometimes the mid length of a regular tapered leader is effected by the mid column speed, which is much different than the slower bottom. If you get a chance, this is a good read as this does very well on the Mad. Stop in the shop, we have a copy you can look at.

As for the weekend, the weather looks great, I am sure many anglers will be getting on the water, but there should be space somewhere on the river. Good Luck.



Mad River Fly Fishing Report 6.9.17

Mad River Fly Fishing Report 6.9.17

As noted in our smallmouth report, the fish are biting and the rivers are in great shape. The Mad River however has been such a gem to fish lately. The bug activity this time of year is awesome. Good hatches both in the morning, afternoon, and evening really gets the fish motivated to eat.

All techniques are good strategies to land a few fish. Small streamer fishing and nymphing in the early morning, switching to soft hackles and then the evening dry fly hatch. Personally, the evening dry fly hatch is what makes me love the late May, early June time frame.

The morning time will have a rise of BWO and midges. I love to throw a size 20 BWO dun with a copper brassie dropper. Sometimes you can get a nicer fish on this setup. Once the sun goes overhead, the caddis flies come out and the infamous soft hackle swing is stellar. I love a green body with a partridge collar. I will have tandem rigs and swing the fly in riffles, tailouts, and longer runs. Don’t forget that grasshoppers and my favorite, beetles, are exclusive patterns during the afternoon especially on windy days.

Then if you are on the water all day, the evening hatch begins around the 7 time frame. From Sulphurs and Cahills to the sporadic drake hatch in the very late evening, near dark. I would make sure to have size 16 in the sulphur and cahill dries, which include parachutes, comparaduns, spinners, and cripples. As for the drakes, we have been throwing some very large flies right at dark, landing some very nice fish! Some flies haven’t even been drake patterns!

We have all the flies in shop that you will need to get your Mad River fix. Enjoy the weekend. Good Luck,


Mad River Fishing Report 3.31.17

Mad River Fishing Report

Good Friday to all. The rains have swallowed us these past couple of days, but the water weather has raised water temperatures into prime. From Steelhead, brown trout, to bass fishing, it seems all the fish are getting a early start for the season! Not many local streams are fishing this weekend, but the Mad River should be in great shape.

On the rise slowly, the Mad River should have a good tint and good opportunity to hook a spooky brown! Streamers, nymphing, and from a local source some tiny mayflies have been on the hatch. The water temps checked a couple days ago were in the low 50’s… were are close!!!

Streamers, try to throw the kitchen sink. Black, olive, and white should be the hot ticket. Articulated, non-articulated, I think a good intermediate or slightly fast sinking line is all you need. Maybe throw in a conehead twin tail madonna. (Never heard of it, use yellow, a great fly for trout all around).

Nymphing should great as well. The browns should be a little more active with the warmer weather. Moving out of the holes and into the tailouts and runs. Make sure to check the head of the riffle. The mayflies hatches will be coming soon and this is the time of year that I love to fish a rusty brown nymph. or a FLYMPH!!

Dry Fly: very, very soon!!

Enjoy the weekend. You may catch the team on the Mad as the steelhead rivers are flooded and will not be down till maybe Sunday on the smaller tribs. Good Luck!



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