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Mad River Fishing Report 9.8.17

Mad River Fishing Report 9.8.17

The cooler season is upon us. I am hearing reports of salmon in MI, the beaches of Erie are seeing steelhead, and our local brown trout fishing has been great. We have been very fortunate in the Midwest lately with the weather and water flows compared to our friends in the south. My family in Delray Beach is in the process right now of boarding the house up and prepping for the worse.

The team and I along with some locals agree that the Mad River is fishing good to better on most days. The early mornings and late afternoons are best with many different bugs rising to the surface. Caddis imitations is the key from nymphing, wet-fly, to the top. Make sure to remove those weights and get those flies in the mid column! Sedge imitations to wet-fly tied with a green body are all working. Stop by the shop, we have over 20 different patterns for just caddis!

On a side note

There was a great piece in the new Fly Fisherman talking about keeping it low and slow. If you are not able to read this article, it summarizes that weight should be tied in your flies or applied to the end of the leader. Quit placing the weight above your first fly, it may be killing your strike detections.

Lance Egan describes a leader that is built with a tippet ring, indicator, and flies tied to tags end of the leader with the weight at the end. The leader is 10-12ft in length. Many tailwater fisherman have been doing this for years as you need to get down fast without getting effected by surface and mid column current speeds.  Sometimes the mid length of a regular tapered leader is effected by the mid column speed, which is much different than the slower bottom. If you get a chance, this is a good read as this does very well on the Mad. Stop in the shop, we have a copy you can look at.

As for the weekend, the weather looks great, I am sure many anglers will be getting on the water, but there should be space somewhere on the river. Good Luck.



Mad River Fishing Report 3.14.17

Mad River Fishing Report 3.14.17

The season is upon us!!

The Hendrickson Hatch is heating up. Finally!  The early BWO in size 18 and 20, and Size 22-24 midges in the morning, followed by the onset of the coolest hatch on the MAD, the Hendrickson around 2 and later. What can be better than this!! Maybe the sulphur hatch in the coming weeks….

If you do not have the hendrickson cripples, duns, comparduns, or the spinners, no fret, we have all these in the fly shop, or you can do some wet fly swinging with your nymphs. The Hatch is really starting in the late afternoon and trout are keying in on the initial hatch/emergence of the bugs and then waiting till later in the evening for the spinner fall.

Due to the rain, the streamer fishing has been very good. The clarity now is much clearer than earlier this week, so I would key in on the mornings and the evenings.

The weekend should be absolutely perfect, sunny skies, warmer weather, and a beautiful hendrickson hatch. Clean off the fly line, get the boots and wader out of the box, and get out. Enjoy the weekend. Hope to see you on the water!!

Good Luck!


Mad River Fishing Report 2.3.17

Mad River Fishing Report 2.3.17

Saturday is the Annual BUFF Show for 2017. This is a great event produced by BUFF and one of their largest revenue generators for the year. Our staff will definitely be on location and have some new and discounted items to show off. Come out and support and pick up some gear to get you ready for the spring time.

Directions and Times

Buckeye United Fly Fishers will host the annual
Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show
Saturday, February 4, 2017
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

At our great venue in Northeast Cincinnati

Oasis Conference Center
902 Loveland-Miamiville Road
Loveland, OH

The Mad River is fishing good for the past couple of weeks. The recent rains has the levels good, but as many know, it remains clear. The future forecast looks terrific with slightly higher temperatures (40’s and 50’s) starting late Sunday and projecting through Wed. If you got a day off work to use, this would be a great time to get that ultra early spring bite, since the groundhog predicts 6 more weeks!

Nymphing has been the hot ticket. From our experience and clients into the fly shop. This is the method most are using on the river right now. Caddis larva in greens and olives is dominating the bite, but your usual box of pheasant tails, hares ears and princes will all be great as a point fly. Definitely use a caddis pattern as the trailing fly! Make sure to get down to the correct depth and try not to use to much weight. Tie some tungsten bead headed flies as your point fly and you will not have to use weights at all. Split-shot weights in clear conditions make the trout extra spooky and do not give that ultimate perfect dead drift.

Streamer fishing has been only good in the early morning, which is dead cold, and later in the evening around 5 and on once the water warms and the light is subtle. White and olive patterns that are in the 1-3in range dominate the bite, however, nymphing has been the go to for numbers and size.  Secret sauce: tip a small white or olive streamer with a black or olive woolly bugger. Fluorocarbon around 18-24″. I love to tie these with a thicker schlappen head that gives it more movement and buggier action. The idea: get the brown to chase the larger fly, refuse it, and grab the smaller woolly bugger without thought. I employ the technique in both higher and lower conditions.

Good Luck this weekend. I hope to see many of you out at the fly show.




Mad River Fishing Report 2.4.16

Joey with a  smaller Feb Brown
Joey with a Mad River Brown

I hope everyone is well. Coming off a very warm December, January released her cold spell on us. Not to bad considering the East Coast was just powered by snow. The water temperatures and flows have been terrific around here in the Southern Ohio region. Many friends and anglers alike have had great stories about the Mad River and other trout streams around this area.

With the recent rains from Tuesday, we should have excellent conditions for this weekend. Many anglers are targeting the browns with streamers as this is growing
more popular by the day. Don’t forget that this early season can still be great for nymphing by numbers or you can wet fly swing some flies for active trout.

Last weekend, Joey and I took a little half day on the Mad River. A very refreshing day, as I want to cast my new Winston Boron Plus 5wt 9’0″ model and put it through the test. From Nymphing to streamer fishing, I had both spools rigged up ready to fish. Not surprisingly, the Winston just knocked the ball out of the park. What a terrific fly rod that can truly handle any situation. I think I may have a 7wt version in my scope for bass and carp fishing for the summer/fall season.

The majority of the day was wading between spots both nymphing and streamer fishing. Olive and white streamers were best as the water was much more clearer that what it will be this weekend. If you fish the streamers the lower/southern stretches, I would make sure to have slightly more colorful options like black, brown, purple, or even a heavy flash fly. If you are nymphing, make sure to get a little flashback on the nymphs or increase your size of nymph to a size 8-10. You would be surprised the hookup rate when you nymph a slightly larger nymph in higher conditions. If you decide to find a wet-fly spot, try to find a nice run that is calm and use some lightly sparse flies with partridge or hen hackle. The more sparse the better. I tend to have a majority of olive, tan, or black for the early February time frame. Once March hits, the wet fly fishing should pick up.

If you are not in the mood for fishing brown trout around here, drive to the Great Lake region especially around the Steelhead Alley, the rivers up there should have a good bite after the rain and warmer weather we have been receiving. Enjoy and Good Luck. Cheers!

Mad River Fishing Report 11.13.15

F inally, The New website is here. I am stoked about the design and features. A new responsive theme that is able to viewed on all devices!!!! I will be updating the website for the coming weeks. We did lose most of the old work and posts, but I am going to try to upload these in the coming weeks.

The Mad River has been fishing really good. With the fresh stocking in early October, many clients have come into the store very happy and accomplished. The flow of the river has been a  little low, but we have finally beat the leaf soap from a couple of weeks ago. I have seen many decent fish from anglers each week. Our fishery is turning into a place to come and get your brown trout on! The boys from the shop have been turning their eyes on trout instead of smallmouth for late fall season.

For the fly recipe, nymphing is going to give you numbers. Pheasant tails, hares ear, and copper johns have been very successful. I have even thrown some san juan’s and midge patterns to finicky fish. Make sure to get you nymphs on the bottom as the water is super clear and if is not morning or evening, the trout will be hugging the substrate. If you are streamer fishing, get out of bed early, or target these larger browns on overcast days. I am loving the olive and pure white colors when the water is super clear. Full sinking lines are preferred, but if you do not have a sinking type line, stop by the shop and pick up a couple versileaders or sink tips. These really make it easier to switch up on the fly.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend, the fishing should be great all around and we should have some sunshine to warm us on the colder rivers.

Good Luck



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